The French Blue

The French Blue Table of Contents.


The Early Years

Chapter 1; Reminiscence

1st Voyage (1631-1633)

Chapter 2; The Tale of Terra Australis Incognita
Chapter 3; The Siege of Mantua
Chapter 4; The Road to Persia
Chapter 5; The Turquoise Mines of Madan
Chapter 6; The Pearl Trade
Chapter 7; The Diver
Chapter 8; A Good Bargain
Chapter 9; Return of the Prodigal
Chapter 10; The Red Cardinal
Chapter 11; The Dinner Party
Chapter 12; The Spy
Chapter 13; The Assassins

2nd Voyage (1638-1643)

Chapter 14; Return to Persia
Chapter 15; Isfahan
Chapter 16; Madame Twelve-Tomans
Chapter 17; A Taste of Paradise
Chapter 18; The Kingdom of The Great Mogul
Chapter 19; The Diamond Mines of Golconda
Chapter 20; A Lover’s Return
Chapter 21: Rome and Paris
Chapter 22; The Power Brokers

3rd Voyage (1643-1649)

Chapter 23; Voyage to Batavia
Chapter 24; The King of Bantam
Chapter 25; The Perfidious Dutch
Chapter 26; The Horn of Africa
Chapter 27; The Duke’s Mistress
Chapter 28; Cardinalof the Queen’s Bedchamber

4th Voyage(1651-1655)

Chapter 29; The Forbidden Land
Chapter 30 : The Emir Jumla
Chapter 31; Up the Irrawaddy
Chapter 32; The Royal Court at Ava
Chapter 33: A Test of Cold Steel
Chapter 34; Valley of the Serpents
Chapter 35; A Hard Bargain
Chapter 36; War at Sea
Chapter 37; Mazarin Returns
Chapter 38; The Duke of Orleans

5th Voyage (1657-1662)

Chapter 39; Barbary Pirates
Chapter 40 : Marriage
Chapter 41; The French East India Company
Chapter 42; Brother of the Sun King

6th Voyage (1663-1668)

Chapter 43; Abbãs II, Shah of Persia
Chapter 44; The Great Mogul’s Treasure
Chapter 45; Shah Jahan
Chapter 46; A Very Brief Affair
Chapter 47; A Dream Fulfilled
Chapter 48; The Goddess’ Revenge
Chapter 49; Last Business
Chapter 50; Final Homecoming


Chapter 51; The Presentation
Chapter 52; The Audience
Chapter 53; The Negotiation
Chapter 54; Parry and Thrust
Chapter 55; Final Gambit
Chapter 56; To the Manor Raised