The French Blue

Historical Time Line,
The French Blue / Part II


1638 Second Voyage

13 September begins 2nd Voyage
Ship from Marseilles, Includes brother Daniel and Surgeon
September 16: Louis XIV is born
December 18: Father Joseph dies
December 27: departs Aleppo by caravan after 6 weeks, Travels trough Mashhad, Basra and Shīrāz


Arrives: Isfahan: April or May, stays til end of year
*May 10: Meets Madam Twelve-Tomans and daughter, Madeleine de Goisse. Mazarin becomes French citizen.

 Cardinal Mazarin
Figure 11: Cardinal Mazarin


*April 15: JBT Embarks from Bander Abbas for India
*May 15: Arrives Surat
Arrives: Dacca, Agra remains through winter 1640-1641


Embarks: Agra to Surat via Burhanpur.
Visits Golconda into 1642 (vol. ii p.98) bids on largest diamond seen in merchant hands: 242 5/16 carats, price 500.000 rupees offers 400,000 rupees on behalf of “friends” in Surat, no deal.

Locations of the diamond mines of India
Figure 12: Locations of the
diamond mines of India

December: In Goa end of year


Departs Golconda enroute Surat
Visits Ahmadabad
*November 3: Departs Surat for Bander Abassi
French seize Reunion Island
December 4: Cardinal Richelieu dies
JBT Arrives Paris sometime late in the year or early 1643.


*January 10: (vol I, xii) Arrives Bander ‘Abbas Takes overland route through Persia; Isfahan to Aleppo
May 14: Louis XIII dies. Anne of Austria becomes Regent.

Ann of Austria, mother of Louis XIV with young king
Figure 13: Ann of Austria, mother of
Louis XIV with young king

*May: Takes ship from Alexandretta w/ Madeleine de Goisse to Naples
*July: Arrives Naples, travels overland to Rome, meets Cardinal Barberini
*October: Arrives Paris
Melchior (uncle) dies age 97

1643 Third Voyage

December 6: Voyage begins


March 6: JBT Departs for Aleppo w/two Capuchin monks
May 3: Arrives Isfahan.

The Persian capital, Isfahan from a 17th Century engraving
Figure 14: The Persian capital, Isfahan from
a 17th Century engraving Sojourn in
Isfahan for “some months” (Joret)


January: Arrives Surat via Bander ‘Abbās
January 19: Departs for Golconda diamond mines via Daultatābād and Nānder
Visits mine at Raolconda (Rammalakota 18 mi S of Karnūl)
Visits mine called Gani or Coulour (Kāni-i-Kollūr) located on Kristnā river seven days SE of Golconda)
Rest of year unknown
May have visited mine at Soumelpour on Koel River, District of Lohārdagā, W. Bengal (I, viii)




Visited Persia (Isfahan) end of year


January 11: Arrives by ship Maastricht at Mingrella (Vengurla, West Coast)
January: Departs Mingrella after nine days for Goa aboard “armed vessel”
Arrives Goa: next day
March 11: Returns to Mingrella
April 14: Embarks for Batavia experiences near shipwreck off Malabar coast

Market at Bantam
Figure 15: Market at Bantam

April 18: Arrives at Bakanor “(Barkur) to load a cargo of rice
May 12: Arrives Pointe de Galle, Ceylon

Serandib  (Ceylon) from a 16th century map.
Figure 16: Serandib (Ceylon)
from a 16th century map.

June 25: Departs Point de Galle (merchandise transferred to other vessel
July 12: 1st Fronde: Parliament of Paris attempts to curtail power of monarchy.
July 22: Arrives Batavia
*July 22: Brother Daniel greets J.B.T. upon arrival in Bantam
*August 20: Visits Sultan of Bantam with Daniel and sells gems
Spends 20 days in Batavia between voyages to Bantam
September 5: Returns to Bantam
September 10: Returns to Batavia
Brother Daniel develops fever dies in Batavia
Trouble w/Dutch, claims patronage of Duc d’Orleans (Gaston)
*October 14: Departs Batavia aboard Dutch vessel: Les Provinces, 55 days to Cape of Good Hope.
October 24: Peace of Westphalia ends 30 Years War
*December 7: Arrives Cape of Good Hope. Ship remains for stays twenty-two days to treat sick (scurvy)


January 5: 1st Fronde: Queen takes King and flees Paris aided by Gaston
d’Orleans & Prince of Condé
Spring (April): Arrives Holland
Summer (July): JBT arrives Paris
August 28: End of 1st Fronde: Barricades removed: Queen Regent, King & Mazarin return to Paris, Court life resumes

Khandahar falls to the Persians


JBT sells jewels in Paris
January 18: 2nd Fronde: Mazarin orders arrest of Prince of Condé, Conte & Mme. De Longueville.

1651 Fourth Voyage

February 6: Mazarin self-exile flees to Brühl near Cologne
June 18: JBT departs Paris
August 25: JBT departs Marseilles aboard the St. Crispine
September 5: Louis XIV at 13 reaches majority
October 4: JBT arrives Alexandretta (stopovers: Malta & Cyprus)
October 11: JBT arrives Aleppo
January 31: JBT departs Aleppo


Mazarin returns to power & Paris
Gaston Duke d’Orleans exiled by to Blois by Mazarin
May 11: JBT departs Bander ‘Abbās on ship owned by King of Golkonda enroute Masulipatam
July 2: Arrives Masulipatam after almost shipwreck
Prince of Condé takes Paris
July 21: Departs Masulipatam w/M. Bernier encrouté
Gandikot via, Ft. St. George, St. Thomé, Madras (I, xviii)
August 13: Arrives Madras
August 22: Departs Madras for Gandikot
September 1: Arrives Gandikot just captured by(E)mīr Jumla acting for King of Golconda. As required: Showed Jumla jewels intended for King
September 11: Departs Gandikot w/Jumla’s blessing for Golconda
October 2: Arrives Golconda
October 15: Show jewels insulted by eunuch (prices) departs immediately for Surat w/ M. du Jardin
November 5: Arrives Surat
M. du Jardin dies
Departs to Ahmādabād to see Shāista Khān, Governor of Gujarāt receives blessing and intro to SK’s son at Golkonda then returns to Surat


March 6: Departs Surat for Golconda

Figure 17:  Fort at Golconda

April 1: Arrives Golconda:
Second visit to mines at Kollūr since 1645 then Buys 63 3/8 carat cut at
the mine “beautiful and pure”.
Returns to Surat w/ M. d’Ardiliere (son of du Jardin)
*May 15: Returns to Gandikot to see Mir Jumla to “borrow” guards
*June 1: Takes ship from Masulipatam to Pegu
*June 16: Arrives Dagon (Rangoon)
*July 14: Leaves Dagon for Ava
*September 4: Arrives court of Ava

The king's palace at Ava.
Figure 18: The king's palace at Ava.

*October 2: Departs for Mogok ruby mines
*October 12: Arrives by boat at town of Kyat Pyin
*November 15: Leaves Mogok returns to Masulipatam
December 26: Arrives Surat


January 8: Prefers overland route to Persia but because of Moghul & Persian armies in the field at Khandahar embarks on Avenhorn, one of 5 vessels of Dutch fleet under Dutch Vice Admiral De Be to intercept English fleet: Endeavour, Dove, Welcome and Falcon.
January 12: Fleet arrives off Diu then proceeds to Sindi
February 2: Engagement; Endeavour sunk, Falcon captured, Welcome and Dove escape, English defeated.
February 3: Avenhorn, Cabeljau and Sluijs proceed to Bander Abbas others return to Surat towing Falcon.
March 7: JBT Arrives Bander ‘Abbās
?????: Departs for Isfahan via Kermān (27 days) to buy wool protracted stay in Persia visits many unseen places


Autumn: Arrives Paris

Meets with Mazarin
Figure 19: Cardinal Mazarin

*Meets with Mazarin
*Audience with Queen and King’s brother
*Visits Gaston d’Orleans and Madeleine at Blois


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