The French Blue

Historical Time Line,
The French Blue / Part I





Portuguese capture Hormuz control Persian Gulf


Jean Baptiste Tavernier’s (JBT) Uncle Melchior born in Antwerp


JBT’s father Gabriel flees Antwerp for Paris with brothers Melchior and Nicolas


JBT’s brother Melchior born


Jean Baptiste Tavernier born


JBT’s brother Gabriel born


JBT commences European travels.  Visits England, Flanders, Holland, Germany.  Must have begun at age 13!


Dutch East India Company settles Batavia


8 November:  At Battle of White Mountain (Prague) with Colonel Philip Brener


Persian Shah Abbas I ousts Portuguese from Hormuz

Figure 1: Abbas I ousts Portuguese
from Hormuz


Urban VIII elected Pope.


Takes service with Phillip Brenner, Governor of Vienna & uncle of Colonel Hans Brenner, Viceroy of Hungary, begins 41/2 years service as page. 
Richelieu appointed President, Council of Ministers, King of France

Cardinal Richelieu
Figure 2: Cardinal Richelieu


January 17: Duke of Nevers seizes duchy of Mantua
JBT meets Count d’Arc in Javarin attends son of Charles, Duke of Nevers at court in Vienna to lobby for Emperor’s recognition of claim to Mantua.  


Ferdinand II issues edict of Restitution against Protestants (return Catholic Church lands seized from 1552)

Map of Europe by J. B. Tavernier
Figure 3: Map of Europe by J. B. Tavernier

JBT leaves Viceroy’s service travels to Venice w/M. De Sabran
JBT Travels to Mantua
JBT serves with Duke of Rethel & his father, Duke of Nevers
December 25: Siege of Mantua by Imperial forces temporarily lifted
Austrians sack Albert von Wallenstein created Duke of Mecklenburg Begins independent policy

General Von Wallenstein
Figure 4: General Von Wallenstein

Shah Abbas I dies, Safi I assumes throne of Persia


June: Travels w/ Irish Colonel Butler toward Stettin w/Emperor Ferdinand II’s Army
Gustavus Adolphus supported by French funds

The death of Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden
Figure 4: The death of Gustavus Adolphus,
King of Sweden

Swedes enter Stettin treaty signed July 10, 1630)
JBT states that he departs for Ratisbon to attend Ferdinand III investiture as King of Romans which actually takes place in 1636
July 18: Habsburg troops take Mantua
July-August:  JBT attends Diet of Regensburg united Catholic-Protestant Princes w/ French coaxing: Diet threatens to refuse to make Ferdinand III H.R. Emperor.  Demands Ferdinand II dismiss Wallenstein

The Holy Roman Empire
Figure 5: Map of theHoly Roman Empire

JBT renews acquaintance w/ Richelieu’s emmence Gris Father Joseph who introduces JBT to M. l’ Abbé de Chapes and M. de St. Liebau to Constantinople via Germany views Green Vaults of Dresden
Arrives Constantinople: Remains 11 months
Mazarin enters service of Cardinal Richelieu

1630 First Voyage

January-February: JTB departs Constantinople for Persia
March: Arrives Tocat
March: 12 day Journey Arrives Erzeroum
Arrives Trois Eglise
Travels through Erivan, Nakisivan, Zulfa, Tauris, Sultania, Sexana, Sava, Kom, Kashan
June-July: Arrives Isfahan

Arrives in Isfahan
Figure 6: Turquoise Mines of Madan

June 17: Mumtaz Mahal wife of Shah Jahan dies
August: JBT Departs Isfahan travels through Kengauar,
August: Arrives Baghdad stays 5 days
August: Departs Baghdad travels through Anah, Mached-Raba, Tayba
Arrives Aleppo takes ship: “Le Grand Henri”
Arrives Malta sells some turquoise
Takes ship to Sicily visits Syracuse, Massina


*Visits Turquoise mines at Madan
*June:  Visits Bahrain apprenticeship with Sheik al rakish. 

Pearl divers in the Persian Gulf.

Figure 7:  Pearl divers in the Persian Gulf.

November 16:  Battle of Lutzen Gustav Adolphus killed Wallenstein looses battle.


Arrives Aleppo takes ship:  Le Grand Henri
Arrives Malta sells turquoise
Takes ship to Sicily visits Syracuse, Massina
April 1663: Departs by Felucca to Paola
JBT says he attended Coronation of Ferdinand III, King of Romans which took place in 1636!
April:  Arrives Paola, Italy
April:  Visits Rome & Naples
Returns to France “not earlier than Spring”  (Joret)
*June:  Begins apprenticeship at Torreles
*November 2:
  Leaves Paris w/Captain Chenault enroute Vienna
*November 12: Arrives Regensburg, meets French Ambassador; Marquis of Feuquiéres in Protestant camp just in time for victory

City of Regensburg (Ratisbon) from a 17th Century engraving.
Figure 8: City of Regensburg (Ratisbon)
from a 17th Century engraving.

November 13: Heilbronn League of Protestants captures Regensburg
*November 23: JBT arrives in Vienna to spy
*December 20: JBT leaves Vienna w/Chenault enroute Eger
*December 24: Arrives Eger

Wallenstein's house, scene of his assaination, Eger.
Figure 9: Wallenstein's house, scene of
his assaination, Eger.


*January 10: Departs Eger for Wallenstein’s camp at Pilsen
January 12: Wallenstein convenes his generals swear personal oath.
*January 13: JBT returns to Eger w/Butler enters Butler’s conspiracy to kill Wallenstein.
January 23: Wallenstein declared traitor by Ferdinand II

Figure 8:  Louis XIII of France
Figure 10: Louis XIII of France

February 25: Wallenstein assassinated by Butler, Leslie & Gordon & Devereaux’s halberd at Eger. *JBT kills Captain.


Actually attends coronation of Ferdinand III?????


Timeline written by Richard W. Wise. © 2010. All Rights Reserved