The French Blue

Historical Time Line,
The French Blue / Part III


1657, Fifth Voyage

February: Departs Paris chased by Pirates after departing Marseilles, moors Toulon returns to Marseilles departs for Italy, goes to Tuscany, sails for Smyrna (principal entrepot of E,W trade) in Dutch ship.
March-April: Arrives Smyrna
Sends Factor w/ M. De Reville to Constantinople to buy large pearls
April-June: Visits Ephesus (5 day trip).
Mentions fever months May-July and September-October) then states he was never in Smyrna in “these unfortunate season(s)” must mean September-October as he goes to Ephesus in “summer” (Persian Travels, 1689. pp.34)
June: ? (Joret) departs Smyrna for Tocat, Kerman, Erivan, Tabriz, and Isfahan (questionable: JBT states he went to Ephesus in summer. Ibid.)
Arrives Isfahan and is received by the Shah Abbas II who buys jewels


Remains in Persia until spring of 1659 due to war in India between Shah Jahan and his son Aurangzeb over succession
Dispatches treasures (for Shaista Khan) to Masupulitam

The Nabob Shaista Khan from an old Persian miniature.
Figure 20: The Nabob Shaista Khan
from an old Persian miniature.


May: ? Arrives Surat writes to Shāista Khān who invites him to visit Jahanābād then Burkānpur, Aurangābād
Held up six months by Governor Mizra Arab, on Emperor’s orders, Shāista Khān gets him out, meets SK laying siege @ Chākan (Choupar)
Visits diamond mines again?


February 2:Gaston Duke d’Orleans dies, succeeded by Philippe, brother of Louis XIV, age 25
JBT goes to Bengal (Chākan) to see Shaista Khan
JBT visits Golconda (Joret)
French Assembly of Clergy recommends strict interpretation of Edict of Nantes
French fleet sent to Indies

December:? JBT returns to Surat
Sails to Bander Abbas (I, II, p.27 fn. 2)


Cardinal Mazarin dies, Louis XIV (age 23) takes over government
Jean Baptiste Colbert becomes Finance Minister


JBT returns to Paris from Persia; (57 years old)
Marries Madeleine daughter of Jean Goisse (jeweler)

1663 Sixth Voyage

November 27: embarks from Paris w/nephew Pierre (son of Maurice) plus surgeon, goldsmith and watchmaker as requested by Persian Shah.  Stock value 400,000 livres


3rd French East India Company chartered by Louis XIV, Louis eventually contributes 4.2 million livres

January 10: JBT embarks from Marseilles for Leghorn “in a small barque”
Arrives Port of Agaie (Arganzano) met ship carrying Toulon customs officers
Divides jewels up and tries to board Genoa barque but falls into the sea. Saved by servant.
Arrives Monaco and “waits on Madame the princess.”
Departs by felucca along shore to Savona, by horse to Genoa (spends two days)
JBT embarks for Leghorn
Arrives Leghorn, visits Grand Duke, Florence is well treated
March 26: Departs Leghorn aboard Dutch vessel: “Justice”.
March 30: (April 10) Mir Jumla dies
April 25: Arrives Smyrna
June 9: Departs Smyrna by caravan to Tabriz 600 camels, 600 horse
June 17: Arrives Philadelphia (Allachars)
September 14:
Arrives Erivān
November 9: Arrives Tabriz: Goldsmith & watchmaker die.
Leaves Pierre w/Capuchins to learn Persian
November 22: Departs for Isfahan
December 20: Arrives Isfahan
December 21: Audience with Shah Abbas II
December 22: Shows jewels including tapestries and crystal goblet
December 23: Paid 3,460 Tomans (Silver) minus 80 for Treasurer
December 24: Awarded Khalat Abbas II purchases pearls & jewels, receives exemption from duty and secures Shah’s protection for Pierre.


February 24: Departs Isfahan for India
Brother Melchior also cartographer dies
April 7: Arrives Bandar ‘Abbās
April ?: Entrusted with dispatches to English Factory by agent in Bandar
May 5: Arrives Surat after papers stolen by Dutch.
Again claims patronage of Duke d’Orleans, brother of King
Proceeds to Jahanābād via Burhānpur, Sironj, Gwalior and Agra
September 11: Arrives Jahanābād
September 12: Meets w/Aurangzeb gives gifts to Emperor & court worth 23,187 livres. Emperor & uncle Ja‘far Khān buy gems, dispute over pearl, bought by Shaista Khan
October 26:  Shah Abbas II dies
November 10: Views Great Mogul’s gems
November 11: Departs Jahanābād for Agra
November 25: Departs for Agra for Bengal w/ famous French traveler Francois Bernier also M. Y Rachepot
December 7: Arrived Allahabad again meets former cannonier Claude Maille of Bourges working as Physician to governor
December 11: Arrives Benares
December 13: Departs Benares for Patna
December 20: Arrives Patna
December 29: Departs Patna down Ganges


January 4: Arrives Rājmahāl, Bernier departs 1/6
January 6: Departs Rājmahāl for Dacca
January 13: Arrives Dacca
January 14: Visits Nawāb Shaista Khan Sells pearl receives order for payment in Kāsimbāzār
January 27:  Shah Jahan dies at Agra
January 29: Departs for Kāsimbāzār
Shah Jahan dies

Shah Jahan from an old Persian miniature.
Figure 21: Shah Jahan from an
old Persian miniature.

February 12: Arrives Kāsimbāzār informs of Shaista Khan’s order to deduct 20,000 livres from price of pearl, eventually accepts deduction of 10,000.
*March: Arrives in Rammalakota goes to Kollūr, buys The “Tavernier Blue”
June-July spent in Patna
*July: leaves for Dacca via Ganges to seek protection of Shaista Khan
*August: Arrives Dacca
November 1: Arrives Surat meets famous French traveler: M. Thévenot
Huguenots begin to flee France
First French East India fleet sent to Madagascar


January-February: leaves Surat
Arrives Bander Abbas meets Chardin
Departs Bander Abbas for Isfahan stays three months
December:  JBT Arrives Surat


Early in year arrives: Constantinople
February: Francois Caron and Three French East India Company ships arrive in Surat???
December 6: Arrives Paris age 63 years


Colbert achieves control over navy.
First French East India Company ship arrives in France w/goods from India???
December-January: Meets Louis XIV and sells 46 large & medium sized diamonds, 1,102 smaller diamonds including 112 3/10 “quarats” French Blue for 220,000(22,000 Louis d’or) or 147kg of gold p.53). Total Purchase price: 898,731 livres or 89,000 Louis d’or or 598.6 kilos of gold (Morel 158)

List of gems sold to Louis XIV in 1679 from the 2nd English edition of Tavernier's Six Voyages.
Figure 22: List of gems sold to Louis XIV in
1679 from the 2nd English edition
of Tavernier's Six Voyages.

February: Receives patent of nobility from Louis XIV

Louis XIV at Versailles.
Figure 23: Louis XIV at Versailles

Colbert sends large fleet to Indies under De La Hay


Purchases Barony of Aubonne near Geneva for 60,000 livres

Chateau Aubonne
Figure 24: Chateau Aubonne

Bernier publishes his “Memoires”
Dutch East India Company (VOC) declares 40% dividend


Bernier published in English by Moses Pitt & John Starkey


Dutch drive French from Ceylon


Dutch War until 1678


Publishes “Nouvelle Relation du Sérail du Grand Signior”


JBT Publishes “Six Voyages…”


Bureaux of Conversion formed to reward Catholic converts


JBT publishes “Recueil de plusieurs Relations”


Pierre Tavernier in residence: Isfahan
Louis XIV moves court to Versailles

Versailles:  The Hall of Mirrors
Figure 25: Versailles: The Hall of Mirrors


Colbert dies


Led active semi-retired life: Departs for Berlin to visit Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg. Made ambassador and Chamberlain to the Elector and Counselor of Marine. Elector promises three vessels for trip to India

Fredrick William, The Great Elector.
Figure 26: Fredrick William (The Great Elector) of Brandenburg

July 1: Arrives Berlin
August 15: Departs Berlin for Hamburg visits Germany
November?: Returns to Aubonne


Louis XIV revokes Edict of Nantes, Verification of Nobility begins, object to deprive Huguenots of titles
Huguenots forbidden to emigrate
January: In Paris sells barony & land to Marquis Henri du Quesne for 138,000 livres plus 3,000 livres for horses and carriages.


Jean (Sir John) Chardin: publishes Journal du Voyage…de Chardin en Perse…


July 9: Travels to Switzerland


1688-89: JBT arrives Copenhagen

Copenhagen: Portrait painted by Jacques d’Agar


January 24: Dr. L. Blumentrost writes PM Prince Vasily Golitzin for Russian passport on JBT's behalf

February: JBT Travels to Smolensk

February 6: JBT receives Russian passport to travel to Moscow

February (late): JBT probably takes up residence in quarter set aside for foreigners "German Suburb" (Nemetskaya Sloboda).

February: 17 year old Czar Peter also living in German Suburb; do they meet?

Sometime in 1689: Jean Baptiste Tavernier dies and is buried in a Protestant Cemetery.

Peter The Great

Figure 27: Peter the Great as a young man.




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